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How You Can Help!

Transafrika gladly accepts donations of goods including the following:
  •  Clothing
  •  Shoes
  •  Canned Food
  •  Children's Toys
  •  Books, new or used
  •  Educational materials, flash cards, pens pencils,writing materials
  •  Sports items, soccer balls, sports wear, basketballs, tennis balls, volleyballs, soccer and volleyball nets

Most importantly, we need help with Monetary Donations. The difficulty for all Trans Continental Non-Profit Organizations is raising the money needed to send donated items! Transafrika is a designated 501c3 organization and any donations you have are Tax Deductible! Donations can be sent to:

Transafrika Cultural Institutes
18598 E. Whitaker Circle, Unit A
Aurora, Colorado 8001

Please make checks payable to Transafrika Cultural Institutes (T.A.C.I.)

We send items on a continuous basis. Depending on what the item is, it may be sent in a smaller frequently sent package. For bulk items, we collect a large amount items to be sent in Sea-Going Container Loads. For more information about what is useful and what can be donated, please call or email.

* In regard to computers, we are happy to take any type of computer, but laptops are preferred based on shipping issues. Desktops are much more expensive to ship and are more likely to be damaged. If you donate computers, we will "Scrub" the computer to remove any personal information. Don't worry about the size of memory or speed of the computer! Our kids are starting with nothing, so even using an older model computer simply to learn how to work on a keyboard will be a great education!

ASANTE - Thank You!