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Our Values:

  •  Transafrika Cultural Institutes, is working towards setting up a functioning cultural center here in Denver, Colorado, which will serve as a source of information exchange between Africa and the United States of America. To realize this goal, we shall work together with our donors, volunteers, supporters, institutions, government agencies and well-wishers both locally and internationally.

  •  Transafrika Cultural Institutes, is committed to working with the disadvantaged communities that we serve locally and internationally. Most of our programs are geared towards disadvantaged children, so we can prepare them to become productive citizens, and future leaders in their own families and communities.

  •  Transafrika Cultural Institutes, is committed to networking with other organizations that are striving to improve lives in the disadvantaged communities that we serve both locally and internationally. We understand that we cannot achieve our mission individually. We have much to learn from other organizations that are committed to caring for disadvantaged communities around the globe.

  •  Transafrika Cultural Institutes, is an international organization. Transafrika Cultural Institutes gives communities a chance to learn and understand so that they may become a ware of the world’s most pressing problems. Our commitment gives people of Africa, the US and around the world an opportunity to build a bridge across barriers of culture, national origin, gender, environment and economy.

  •  Transafrika Cultural Institutes, is committed to integrity and transparency in our business dealings. Our donors, volunteers, supporters, well-wishers and the communities that we server are an important part of Transafrika Cultural Institutes. They need to know that they can trust us to handle all of our resources with the highest level of integrity and transparency. Our financial records are open to the public and audited financial statements can be made available upon request.